Linkdrop provides the tools to deliver NFTs to anyone

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Linkdrop provides the tools to deliver NFTs to anyone
... even those who don’t have a wallet yet
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How it works

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Generate unique QR codes
Use Linkdrop Dashboard to create unique, scannable codes that can be attached to your products
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Attach QR codes to products
Physically attach the generated QR codes to the products in a way that is easily accessible for scanning
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Allow customers to claim NFTs
Users scan the QR codes to claim  NFTs, a single QR code can redeem only one NFT.
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Generate unique claim codes
Use Linkdrop Dashboard to create unique codes that can be sent to customers via email
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Send codes via email
Send the generated codes to customers via email, along with instructions on how to claim NFTs
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Allow recipients to claim NFTs
Allow customers to redeem their NFTs. Once a code is redeemed, it becomes invalid to claim again
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Integrate SDK to create links
Use Linkdrop SDK to create unique claim links that can be shared with anyone
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Share links at your discretion
Share claim links with your audience, at your discretion in an app or a chatbot
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Allow anyone to claim NFTs
Enable anyone to redeem your NFTs by following the instructions provided with the claim links

Seamless NFT redemption with a custom claim page

A branded claim page provides a seamless process for redeeming your NFTs
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We can customize claim page to fit your branding with your logo and colors
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Beginner friendly

First-time crypto users will be guided to set up a wallet, no address needed in advance
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Sponsored transactions

Sponsor gas fees for claim transactions or let your users pay the fees. You choose
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Supporting leading crypto wallets

and secure solution

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Enterprise-grade security

Protected by state-of-the-art cryptography and blockchain smart contracts. The largest crypto companies trust us with their NFT delivery needs. GDPR and CCPA compliant
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Unique non-custodial tech

Non-custodial means that we can’t be evil, even if an attacker has access to our servers, they won’t be able to steal assets
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Smooth crypto onboarding

Integrated with existing leading crypto wallets. We help users install a non-custodial wallet in a straight-forward and user-friendly way
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Multichain support

Operating on the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon networks and supporting EVM compatible blockchains on request
Automate NFT delivery
with Linkdrop SDK
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Automate NFT delivery
with Linkdrop SDK

Control your web3 user experience
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Our backers and partners

How brands use Linkdrop

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Ledger distributes NFTs with hardware wallets

Ledger combines hardware wallet packaging with Linkdrop scan-to-claim QR codes for smooth physical NFT redemption
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doodles logo

Doodles delivers Genesis Box NFTs via email

Linkdrop helps make NFT minting flow that accepts fiat payments possible
Learn more
Infinite Objects logo

Infinite Objects shares NFTs in email receipts

After each sale Infinite Objects sends the customer an email with a link to redeem the IO Membership NFT
Learn more
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Distribute your NFTs today

Join companies like Ledger, Zerion and Infinite Objects to distribute NFTs with Linkdrop