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Wrap tokens and NFTs into sharable links
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Superior web3 onboarding UX

Incentivize potential users to complete your onboarding process by rewarding them with NFTs or ERC20 tokens

How claim link works

Follow link
User clicks on the claim link and opens the claim page in a web browser
Set up & connect a Wallet
User connects existing crypto wallet or gets guided to set up a new one
Redeem NFTs or tokens
User claims tokens by following instruction on a claim page

Create claim links in a few clicks

Log in to Linkdrop with your wallet, choose NFTs you own and allow Dashboard to generate claim links

Each link has a unique redeem code

You can share the full claim links or just the claim codes that could be redeemed at

Customize claim page to fit your branding

Add logo to your page, edit title and description of your NFTs, colorize background and claim button

Set a custompost-claim action

Let users onboard to your app, game or wallet by adding custom URL
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Non-custodial. Safe

Claim links are generated on the client side and stored encrypted on our servers making our technology secure and non-custodial.
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Distribute your NFTs today

Join companies like Ledger, Zerion and Infinite Objects to distribute NFTs with Linkdrop