Scan-to-claim QR codes

Turn NFTs into individual scan-to-claim QR codes
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Superior web3 onboarding UX

Incentivize potential users to complete your onboarding process by rewarding them with NFTs or ERC20 tokens

How scan-to-claim QR codes work

qr code
Scan QR code
User scans his individual QR code which redirects to the claim page in a web browser
Set uo connect a wallet
Set up & connect a Wallet
User connects existing crypto wallet or gets guided to set up a new one
redem nfts or tokens
Redeem NFTs or tokens
User claims tokens by following instruction on a claim page

How to turn NFTs into scan-to-claim QR codes

Create QR codes

Easily create and manage QR codes in the Dashboard
Launch Dashboard ➔
My QR codes
print qr codes

Print in advance

Create QRs and send them to print, then work on the NFT collection and connect it to QRs later on
Create QRs ➔

Connect claim links to QR codes

Create claim links in the Dashboard and connect them to printed QR codes
Create links ➔
Connect claim links to claim QR codes
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Non-custodial. Safe

Claim links are generated on the client side and stored encrypted on our servers making our technology secure and non-custodial.
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